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HSH Nordbank – the "Bank for entrepreneurs"

As the "Bank for entrepreneurs" HSH Nordbank represents people possessing foresight, passion and initiative. In particular, it is a competent partner for medium-sized entrepreneurs in their northern German home region and in German metropolitan areas, in both business and personal matters.

HSH Nordbank has extensive expertise complemented by a long-standing experience of the corporate client business at its disposal. In this important pillar it focuses principally on the Infrastructure & Logistics, Trade & Food and Industry, Services and Healthcare sectors. It is also among the major finance providers of Renewable Energies and Utilities in Europe and occupies a leading position in commercial real estate finance in Germany, which it makes available to domestic and international clients. In the maritime industry HSH Nordbank is well established and convinces businesses the world over with its know-how, level of service and commitment.

Tailored financing solutions and customised products to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs are among the range of services offered by HSH Nordbank. Beyond traditional loans the Bank provides complex structured finance, risk and investment management and products to its wealth management clients. State-of-the-art payment and treasury functions complying with the highest security standards through the Banking App support our clients in their day-to-day business activities. Competent advice in M&A and on all facets of foundation management round off the Bank's service offerings.

HSH Nordbank AG is the first privatised Landesbank in Germany. Since 28 November 2018 the bank has new shareholders, who are independent of each other: Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., J. C. Flowers & Co. LCC, GoldenTree Asset Management LP, Centaurus Capital LP and BAWAG P.S.K. or investment funds launched by these. The Bank had 1,720 employees (full time) on 30 June 2018.

We are ...

... where our clients are: in our home region of North Germany, in the metropolitan regions of Germany and in selected foreign locations. The two head offices of the Bank are located in Hamburg and Kiel.

 HSH Nordbank Locations

HSH Nordbank Locations


Group key financials (IFRS)

30 Sep 2018 31 Dec 2017
Total assets (€ bn) 61.3 70.4
Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) capital ratio (in %) 16.1 15.41
Group net income before tax (€ mn) 8 -453

1 From March 2018, the capital ratios will no longer be shown taking into account the regulatory relief effect of the federal state guarantee. To enable a comparison with the key capital figures as at the reporting date, “pro forma” ratios are shown as at 31 December 2017.

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Here you can find information about the HSH Nordbank AG rating by the international ratings agencies Moody's and Standard & Poor's.

Protection scheme

Against the background of the privatization completed on 28 November 2018 with the closing some arrangements have been made with regard to the proposed transition of HSH Nordbank from the voluntary institution protection scheme of the German Savings Banks Finance Group to the Private Banks deposit protection scheme.
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Corporate Clients

  • Corporate client business for upper medium-sized enterprises with long-term client focus and in-depth sector expertise. Growing standing among family-run companies across Germany
  • Project financing business in Germany
  • Our focal industry sectors where we have particular expertise: healthcare, food, trading, infrastructure & logistics/rail and energy & utilities
  • Considerable expertise and extensive product range covering all issues that are important to our clients
  • Competent, solution-oriented partner for corporate finance products
  • We offer solutions for Corporate Clients:
    Energy & Utilities
    Food Industry
    Health Care
    Industry & Services
    Infrastructure & Logistics
    M & A-Advisory

Real Estate Clients

  • Recognised industry sector specialist with considerable market expertise, among the top 5 commercial real estate financers in Germany
  • Relationship approach with long-term client relationships based on trust
  • All credit and other banking products that are relevant to real estate companies
  • Focus on Northern Germany with supra-regional activities in the regions surrounding major cities
  • More about our Real Estate Clients expertise

Wealth Management

  • All-in solutions for wealthy and high net worth private clients
  • Wealth management at the level of leading global managers of private and institutional assets
  • Advising foundations and non-profit organisations as well as in the areas of social investment and philanthropy
  • More about our Wealth Management expertise


  • Over 75 years of industry sector expertise
  • Our financing offerings include long-term ship mortgage loans, corporate financing and structured ship financing.
  • Focussing on solutions tailored to specific needs in the main sectors of container vessels, tankers and bulk carriers, but also in the area of special vessels - in particular in the offshore segment.
  • More about our Shipping Clients expertise

Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

Treasury & Markets

  • Efficient and innovative provider of products for all client segments
  • Profound know-how in capital-market products, especially involving risk-management solutions focused on interest rates and foreign exchange
  • Funding and liquidity management

Financial Market Products
More about HSH Nordbank Funding