We are truly dedicated to our home region

The north of Germany is our core business region. As regional bank of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein we are traditionally rooted here. We feel very obliged to this region and mainly support projects and initiatives here as a strong and trustworthy partner.

HSH Nordbank Run – Running and Helping

The HSH Nordbank- Run is the largest company run in northern Germany. We are main sponsor since 2003. The overall theme is “Running and helping”. Companies can participate and challenge the four kilometer run along the Harbor City of Hamburg. The starting fees are donated for the project “…let’s go! Kids in die Clubs” (Translation: Kids into Clubs”). Purpose of this initiative is to enable memberships at several sports clubs. Children from financially weak families often cannot participate. With this project we support these children and their families.

The HSH Nordbank-Run has an extraordinary influence on the region. Every year more than 20,000 participants from around 800 company teams make this event happen and it is growing every year. Over the last events more than € 1,000,000 have been raised. This enabled the support of more then 900 children from financially weak families to participate in sports clubs and helped to experience companionship.


Kieler Woche

Kieler Woche” is the largest regatta sailing competition in the world. Every year hundreds of thousands sailing fans are attracted by this event and travel to Kiel to be part at this unique event. Since the foundation of the HSH Nordbank in 2003, according to the merger of the regional banks of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, we are involved as one of the main sponsors for the “Kieler Woche”.

Our commitment as a Premium Partner is noticeable in different facets. Firstly we take care about the sailors while competing in the regattas. Thus we launched the HSH Nordbank repair service that is supporting the sailors, who are not able, because of little damages, to finish their races. Two tender are in continuous operation to allow assistance if a sail, keel, or other parts are broken.

Also we launched, in partnership with the Kieler Woche, the charity–program “Gut für Kids” (Translation: “Good for Kids“), which has the same purpose as the actions in line with our commitment at the HSH Nordbank Run. We want to support from financially weak families to join sports clubs, so we pay the membership fees for them.

  • Here you can find more about HSH Nordbank race repair service
  • More about Kieler Woche: www.kieler-woche.com