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HSH Nordbank finances 200 fully electrically powered transporter for the long-term car rental Maske

At the realization of renewable energy projects HSH Nordbank has been one of the leading financing partners in Germany since many years – now the bank provides credit lines for the purchase of electric vehicles for the first time: the long-term car rental Maske Fleet is to acquire 200 fully electrically powered transporter “Maxus EV 80” from SAIC Mobility Europe – a newly founded enterprise from Chinas largest automobile manufacturer SAIC. The delivery truck offers a loading area of 3.33 meters length, 1.77 meters high and a loading capacity o 10.2 cubic meters – and according to the manufacturer is to offer a range of up to 200 kilometers and charging cycles of only two hours.

In addition to the long-term rental of vehicles – whether vans, passenger cars or commercial vehicles – the medium-sized and owner-managed family business Maske Fleet GmbH based in Gyhum/bockel between Bremen and Hamburg has been offering a wide range of services since the founding of the company.

“In the current political discussion about the binding introduction of e-cars - this transaction is interesting in any case”, says Michael Rothehüser, head of trade and nutrition at HSH Nordbank.